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Winter 2017

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6 | Register for recreation programs online at Fitness Aerobic and Movement Fitness Fun This drop-in exercise class celebrates aging strong through movement with music. It is designed for the 50 plus age group, and all fitness levels while embracing safe aerobic conditioning for all. This fun filled class will help improve body fat and muscle percentages, reac- tion speed, coordination, self-confidence and your body's agility. We will move to fabulous music and have great fun together! Participants are encouraged to work at your own pace. Your first class is free. Class is taught by Tom Willa, a Certified Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. No class on January 2 and 16. Mondays / Wednesdays 9:15–10:15am LMTG $3 Beach Ball Volleyball You've been served! Join us for a great activity…beach ball volleyball! Improve your eye- hand coordination, upper body flexibility and cardio- vascular fitness. Teams of six will compete while sitting in chairs. Join in on the fun and l a u g h t e r e v e r y T h u r s d a y morning. Thursdays 10:00–11:00am LMTG Free Strength and Balance Studies show adults 50 and over who strength train with weights greatly improve their ability to perform their daily activities, increase bone density and metabolism and improve balance. This class will teach you resistance train- ing using correct form while maintaining good posture. Remember: exercising with a friend is a lot more fun…bring one along. Both men and women are encouraged to attend. Class is taught by Peggy Johnson, a Certified Group Fitness Instructor. No class on January 2 and 16. Monday / Wednesday / Friday 1:00–2:00pm A $3 Ballroom Dance Join the fun and move from observer to participant! Learn how to dance to rhythms of past and present music. Acquire the know-how in leading/follow- ing and get the beat in all the Ballroom, Swing and Latin dances to prepare you for special dance functions, parties, wed- dings, cruises, etc. Learning to do the moves and steps with ease and style will be time well spent. Classes are taught by Yu-San Gartz. 59015 Mon Feb 20–Mar 20 2:10–3:10pm A $23R / $28NR Beginning Belly Dance For Fun and Exercise Want to learn how to belly dance, laugh, and get a little sweaty? Just do it for the fun and exercise! Come join the class, Saroya loves to teach! 58948 Fri Jan 6–Jan 27 2:15–3:00pm 58951 Fri Feb 3–Feb 24 2:15–3:00pm LMTG $20R / $24NR 58953 Fri Mar 3–Mar 31 2:15–3:00pm LMTG $25R / $30NR Performance Belly Dance This is a performing group open to expe- rienced Belly Dancers. Choreography, new steps and routines with various implements will be taught. Precision, flair and elegance will take your dancing to a whole new level. New students need instructor approval prior to registering. 58949 Fri Jan 6–Jan 27 1:00–2:15pm 58950 Fri Feb 3–Feb 24 1:00–2:15pm LMTG $20R / $24NR 58952 Fri Mar 3–Mar 31 1:00–2:15pm LMTG $25R / $30NR International Folk Dance Improve your social dancing with beauti- ful music and moves. Learn dances such as Blue Pacific Waltz, Russian Alexandrovska and Lucky. If you wish, perform at Washington State Fair, Renton Farmers Market, nursing homes, or special events. Come with or without a partner. 58955 Thur Jan 19–Feb 16 3:15–4:15pm 58956 Thur Mar 2–Mar 30 3:15–4:15pm A $20R / $24NR Beginning Line Dance Develop fleet feet, a positive mind and better balance with popular non-partner dances. Connect words, steps and music from country western to ballroom. No class on January 24. 58928 Tue Jan 3–Feb 7 2:15–3:15pm 58929 Tue Feb 14–Mar 14 2:15–3:15pm 58933 Tue Mar 21–Apr 18 2:15–3:15pm A $20R / $24NR High Beginner / Improver Line Dance After learning the basics, move on to simple, joyful dances with a variety of music from waltzes to Latins to foot- stompin' country westerns. No class on January 24. 58926 Tue Jan 3–Feb 7 3:15–4:15pm 58927 Tue Feb 14–Mar 14 3:15–4:15pm 58932 Tue Mar 21–Apr 18 3:15–4:15pm A $20R / $24NR Advanced Tap Dance Learn new dance routines and perfect the ones you've learned with instructor Darlene Jones. This group performs for outside organizations as well. No class on January 2 and 16. Mondays 10:30–11:30am CR $3 Beginning Tap Dance Tap dancing is a fun style of dance that everyone can learn, regard- less of previous dance experience. Tap contributes to increased cardiovascular conditions, strength, flexibility and coor- dination. It builds strength in the legs and feet in addition to increasing flexibility in the hips, knees and ankles, while devel- oping a sense of rhythm and timing. This class is for the novice, true beginner tap dancer. Join instructor Darlene Jones in a fun form of dance that's more than just exercise. Instruction is free but please register at the Recreation Desk (with Kathie). No class on January 2 and 16. Mondays 9:30–10:15am CR Free Dance

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