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Winter 2017

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For more information, call the Renton Senior Activity Center at 425-430-6633 | 9 Special Events Bunko Tuesday We've started a fun game. Bunko is a dice game that's easy to learn. If you can roll dice and count, then you can play. You change tables, so you will meet new people each round. We will play 12 rounds and there will be prizes for the most Bunkos and the most wins. Sponsored by GenCare of Renton–The Lodge. Tue Jan 3, Feb 7, Mar 7 10:00–11:00am A Free National Trivia Day How well do you know Washington? This is national trivia day and we'll have all kinds of questions about Washington. Join us to see who can win the small prizes and answer the tough question for the grand prize. Dessert is served for everyone. Wed Jan 4 11:15 Contest / 11:30am Lunch A $5.00 (donation 60 and over) $10.00 (charge under 60) Bingo Thanks to Sylvester Cugini, who is funding this program in memory of his mother Emma, you can once again play bingo with us and win prizes. A big thank you to our volunteers Gene Hill, Diana and Ron Duppenthaler. Thur Jan 5, Feb 2, Mar 2 1:00–3:00pm LMTG Free Thursday Afternoon Dance Thursday Afternoon Dances are held every Thursday afternoon. Bonnie Birch Jan 5, Jan 19, Feb 2, Feb 16, Mar 2, Mar 16 Bill Bennett Jan 12, Jan 26, Feb 9, Feb 23, Mar 9, Mar 23 CD Mar 30 Thursday 1:00–3:00pm A $2 Bean Bag Baseball Come out of the rain and cold to play some Bean Bag Baseball. We pick different teams each time. You'll meet new friends while rooting for your team. Meet us in the auditorium. We play every Friday. Fridays 10:00–11:00am A Free Seattle Banjo Club Come by and listen to music that you can no longer find on the radio. Join in and sing along to your old time favorites, Five Foot Two; Bill Bailey; California, Here I Come; and the Beer Barrel Polka! Enjoy the music and stay for lunch. Tue Jan 17, Feb 21, Mar 21 10:00am–12:00pm A Free National Popcorn Day Watching movies or sitting around play- ing games, popcorn is the favorite snack. We'll play popcorn toss and see who can get the most popcorn in the popcorn bowl. Everyone will have popcorn on their table to have as a snack before lunch and dessert after lunch. The winner of the game will receive a gift card. Sponsored by GenCare of Renton –The Lodge. Thur Jan 19 11:15 Contest / 11:30am Lunch A $5.00 (donation 60 and over) $10.00 (charge under 60) National Chocolate Cake Day Rich, chocolate cake is what we are cel- ebrating today. Play chocolate cake bull's eye and see how close you can get the bean bag to the chocolate cake. The winner will receive a gift card and everyone will have chocolate cake for dessert. Join us for some fun and laugh- ter. Sponsored by GenCare of Renton –The Lodge. Fri Jan 27 11:15 Contest / 11:30 Lunch A $5.00 (donation 60 and over) $10.00 (charge under 60) Tax Aide Program This is an excellent program spon- sored by AARP and uses trained volunteers to assist with tax returns. Seniors are asked to bring in last year's tax return. All tax forms will be electronic fill- ing only (E-file). Call 425.430.6633 to make an appointment beginning Jan. 30. Thur Feb 2–Apr 13 By Appt GR Free National Cherry Month Juicy, sweet, red, Bing, Rainier and Royal Ann cherries just think of all the desserts you can make. Can you pick the cherries and get them in the basket? The one who gets the most in wins the gift card. Come on in and join us. Sponsored by GenCare of Renton –The Lodge. Fri Feb 3 11:15 Contest / 11:30 Lunch A $5.00 (donation 60 and over) $10.00 (charge under 60) PRESENTATION: Stay Healthy & Independent In Your Home One Step Ahead Fall Prevention program assists seniors in staying healthy, independent and safe in their home. The program provides a free home visit by a physical therapist that includes a home safety walk through to address potential fall hazards, education about staying safe in your home, installation of fall prevention devices, and information about other community resources. This presentation is provided by King County Emergency Medical Services. Register at the front desk for this presentation. Tue Feb 7 12:30–2:00pm SMTG Free Valentine's Day Luncheon Hearts and cupids are all around today. Wear red or pink to have the Valentine spirit. Our game is Valentine shuffleboard to see who can get the highest score and win the gift card. Bring your sweetheart or friend and have a wonderful lunch and dessert. Sponsored by GenCare of Renton –The Lodge. Tue Feb 14 11:15 Contest / 11:30am Lunch A $5.00 (donation 60 and over) $10.00 (charge under 60)

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