Golden Opportunities

Spring 2017

City of Renton Programs, Events, Fitness, and Fun for Everyone!

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8 | Register for recreation programs online at Ongoing Activities Beach Ball Volleyball Thursdays, 10–11am in the Large Meeting Room YOU'VE BEEN SERVED! Join in on the fun and laughter of beach ball volleyball while competing as a team. The game will be played while sitting in chairs. Bocce Ball Equipment available daily Equipment is available during operating hours. Closed May 29. Cribbage Thursday mornings Meet for some fun games of cribbage. Double-Deck Pinochle Mondays and Thursdays at 12:30pm Join the group and play double-deck pinochle. Closed May 29. Duplicate Bridge Tuesdays, 12:00pm in the Game Room There is a $1 charge. Handicraft Group Mondays, 9–11:00am in the Auditorium Learn from the experts in the group to knit, crochet, hand sew, etc. Bring your own projects and materials and join the group for great camaraderie and support of fellow handcrafters. Closed May 29. Mah Jongg Wednesdays, 12:00pm in the Game Room Learn the ancient Chinese tile game in this drop-in activity. If you have your own tiles, please bring them. Mexican Train Dominos Wednesdays, 9:30am in the Game Room Bring your friends! Party Bridge Mondays & Fridays, 12:00pm in the Game Room Closed May 29. Pool Open Daily in the Pool Room Pool tournaments are held every other month. See page 6. Closed May 29. Progressive Pinochle Wednesdays, 12:30pm in the Large Meeting Room Everyone is welcome! Winners progress to the next table. Walking Group Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays, 9:00am in the Coffee Bar The group walks one to four miles along the Cedar River Trail at a leisurely pace. Closed May 29. Fitness Room Monday–Friday 9:00am–4:30pm The Renton Senior Activity Center has a fitness room just for seniors (Ages 50 and older) for only $1.00 per day. Fitness is not a fad, it is here to stay and can enhance the length and quality of your life. Come on down and check it out. Closed on May 29. Orientations are required before use and are done on Wednesdays between 9:00am and 2:30pm. ONLY $1.00 PER DAY » 2 Elliptical trainers » 2 Treadmills » 2 Recumbent bikes » Total body trainer » Chest press » Bicep curl » Lateral pull-down » Dumbbells » Fitness balls » Tubing with handles Fitness Aerobic and Movement Fitness Fun This drop-in exercise class celebrates aging strong through movement with music. It is designed for the 50 plus age group, and all fitness levels while embracing safe aerobic conditioning for all. This fun-filled class will help improve body fat and muscle percentages, reac- tion speed, coordination, self-confidence and your body's agility. We will move to fabulous music and have great fun together! Participants are encouraged to work at your own pace. Your first class is free. Class is taught by Tom Willa, a Certified Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. No class on May 29. Mondays/Wednesdays 9:15–10:15am LMTG $3 Beach Ball Volleyball You've been served! Join us for a great activity…beach ball volley- ball! Improve your eye - hand coordination, upper body flex- ibilit y and cardiovascular fitness. Teams of six will play while sitting in chairs. Join in on the fun and laughter while competing as a team. We p lay eve r y T hu r s d ay morning. Thursdays 10:00–11:00am LMTG Exercise with the Aid of a Chair This class is designed to keep your joints in good condition, tone muscles and stimulate your circula- tor y system. You are encouraged to exercise at your own pace. Wednesdays/Fridays 10:45–11:30am LMTG Tai Chi & Qigong Improve your balance and increase your energy level, flexibility, and coordination. Join Instructor Viola Brumbaugh for a blend of eastern exercise for health ben- efits, longevity, and fun. Great strength and prowess are not required. 59022 Tue April 4–May 2 1:00–2:00pm 59030 Tue May 9–June 6 1:00–2:00pm A $20R / $24NR

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