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Spring 2017

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For more information, call the Renton Senior Activity Center at 425-430-6633 | 9 Special Interest AARP Driver Safety Program This eight-hour (four hours each day) classroom oriented (no driving) course covers state laws, driving conditions and safety. Course completion qualifies seniors for the state mandated insurance premium reduction. Payment is made by check or money order payable to AARP on the first day of class. Registration begins on the first working day of the month. Phone-in registration is accepted. Thur April 20 & 27 12:30–4:30pm Thur May 18 & 25 12:30–4:30pm Thur June 22 & 29 12:30–4:30pm LMTG $20 ($15 with AARP membership) Bible Study This non-denominational group is open to all individuals who wish to learn more about what the Bible teaches. Thursdays 9:15–11:30am SMTG Donation Book Club Our book club is going strong and always welcoming more par- ticipants. We would love for you to join us. The schedule is as follows: The Brooklyn Follies Paul Auster Wed April 19 10:00–11:30am The Cloud Atlas Liam Callanan Wed May 17 10:00–11:30am Year of Wonders Geraldine Brooks Wed June 21 10:00–11:30am SS Discussion Group Join our group and discuss topics chosen by you! The world is a huge place with lots of wonderful things to discuss. Using the Internet and librar- ies there is no limit for discussion topics. If you enjoy sharing your ideas and opin- ions, this could be the group for you! Fri Apr 14, May 12, June 9 9:30–11:00am SS Writing for Fun The main purpose is to provide a positive environment for seniors to share their creative writing. We strive to provide a warm, supportive environment for posi- tive and constructive feedback. Members of this group can share many forms of creative writings including memoirs, poetry, short stories, essays and observa- tions. Publication is always possible but not a primary goal. Writing can become a medium for self-reflection, self-expres- sion, catharsis and communication. Class leader is Steve Riordan. No class May 29. 59024 Mon Apr 3–June 12 11am–12:30pm SS $10R / $12NR Bridge Lessons For beginning and intermediate players that would like to learn the mystery of the game called bridge. This will be a hands- on learning (or reviewing) the basic concepts of the game. Bidding (auction) will be explained as well as some of the card playing con- ventions. Instruction will be light and fun without any pressure to achieve goals. Thursdays 12:30–3:00pm SMTG Learn How to Play Pinochle Pinochle is a trick-taking game typically for two, three or four players and played with a 48 card Pinochle deck. Players score points by trick-taking and forming combinations of cards into melds. Each hand is played in three phases: bidding, melds, and tricks. Learn how to play and conquer the nuances of this social card game in a free class taught by Darlene McTee. Wednesdays 9:00–10:30am GR Strength and Balance Studies show adults 50 and over who strength train with weights greatly improve their ability to perform their daily activities, increase bone density and metabolism and improve balance. This class will teach you resistance train- ing using correct form and maintaining good posture. Remember: exercising with a friend is a lot more fun…bring one along. Both men and women are encouraged to attend. Class is taught by Peggy Johnson, a Certified Group Fitness Instructor. No class on May 29. Mon/Wed/Fri 1:00–2:00pm A $3 Yoga This class works equally well for anyone who has difficulty getting on and off the floor as well as for those comfortable using a yoga mat. Our yoga addresses flexibility, improved circulation, balance and deeper breathing. Look for sharper brain functioning, better posture and muscle tone as you move to a health- ier, happier and more peaceful sense of wellbeing. Please dress in comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat. All levels of fitness are welcome. 59033 Tue May 9–June 13 10:00–11:00am 59034 Tue June 20–July 25 10:00–11:00am LMTG $35R / $42NR Yoga for the Brain and Body Feel good! Increase flexibility; improve balance, breathing and digestion; reduce stress and manage weight! Expect to have fun as you create a healthier body and a happier and more peaceful out- look. Please wear comfortable, loose clothing and bring a yoga mat. All levels of fitness are welcome! 59035 Fri May 19–June 23 1:00–2:00pm 59042 Fri June 30–Aug 4 1:00–2:00pm SMTG $35R / $42NR

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