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Summer 2017

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6 | Register for recreation programs online at Beginning Tap Dance Tap dancing is a fun style of dance that everyone can learn, regard- less of previous dance experience. Tap contributes to increased cardiovascular conditions, strength, flexibility and coor- dination. It builds strength in the legs and feet in addition to increasing flexibil- ity in the hips, knees and ankles, while developing a sense of rhythm and timing. This class is for the novice, true beginner tap dancer. Join instructor Darlene Jones in a fun form of dance that is more than just exercise. Instruction is free but please register at the Recreation Desk (with Kathie). No class September 11 and 18. Mondays 9:30–10:15am CR Advanced Tap Dance Learn new dance routines and perfect the ones you've already learned with instructor Darlene Jones. This group per- forms for outside organizations as well. No class September 11 and 18. Mondays 10:30–11:30am CR $3 Beginning Belly Dance for Fun and Exercise Want to learn how to belly dance, laugh, and get a little sweaty? Just do it for the fun and exercise! Come join the class, Saroya loves to teach! 60088 Fri Aug 4–Sept 8 2:15–3:00pm LMTG $25R / $30NR Performance Belly Dance This is a performing group open to expe- rienced belly dancers. Choreography, new steps and routines with various implements will be taught. Precision, flair and elegance will take your dancing to a whole new level. 60087 Fri Aug 4–Sept 8 1:00–2:15pm LMTG $30R / $36NR Nintendo Wii To truly understand how Wii has revolutionized gaming, you have to experience it yourself! Quite simply, Wii is for everyone. Let us show you what this craze is all about and enjoy bowling without wearing bowling shoes! Because of the upcoming Recreation Of f ice remodel, play will be suspended after August 15. Tuesdays 9:00–11:00am LL Ping Pong We recently purchased a ping pong table, complete with pad- dles and balls, which is available for play on Wednesdays. Ping pong has had resur- gence in popularity so grab a friend or come alone and enjoy a fun game of ping pong! No play September 13 and 20. Wednesdays 12:30–4:30pm SMTG Darts Have some free time and want to improve your eye-hand coordina- tio n? We now have an e l e c tro nic dartboard upstairs in the Small Meeting Room for you to enjoy…check it out! No play September 13 and 20. Wednesdays 12:30–4:30pm SMTG Bean Bag Baseball We pick dif ferent teams each time. You'll meet new friends while rooting for your team. Meet us in the auditorium. We play every Friday. No play September 15, 22, 29. Fridays 10:00–11:00am A Doubles Pool Tournament Cong ratulations to John D od son a nd David Rystrom, first place finishers and Jim VandenBerg and M. H. Nur, second place finishers in our April Doubles Tournament. To participate in the August Doubles Tournament, please register and pay the fee by Monday, August 28. Thur Aug 31 9:30am PR $5 SPORTS DANCE

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