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Fall 2017

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For more information, call the Renton Senior Activity Center at 425-430-6633 | 9 Dogs: Who's the Boss? Is your dog misbehaving? Ever wonder why your dog won't obey your commands? Come to this session and become aware of why your dog acts like a dog. Learn how to treat your dog like a dog to make him/her a happier, healthier and centered dog. Learn who's the boss so both you and your pet will reap untold pleasures in your relation- ship. Conducted by an experienced, professional dog trainer and behaviorist Arnie Guadalupe. 60051 Wed Oct 25 6:00–8:00pm SMTG $5 Learn How to Play Pinochle Pinochle is a trick-taking game typically for two, three or four players and played with a 48 - card Pinochle deck. Players score points by trick-taking and forming combinations of cards into melds. Each hand is played in three phases: bidding, melds, and tricks. Learn how to play and conquer the nuances of this social card game in a free class taught by Darlene McTee. Wednesdays 9:00–10:30am GR Writing for Fun The main purpose is to provide a positive environment for seniors to share their creative writing. We strive to provide a warm, supportive environment for posi- tive and constructive feedback. Members of this group can share many forms of creative writings including memoirs, poetry, short stories, essays and observa- tions. Publication is always possible but not a primary goal. Writing can become a medium for self-reflection, self-expres- sion, catharsis and communication. 60053 Mon Oct 2–Dec 4 10:45am–12:30pm SS $10R / $12NR SPECIAL EVENTS Bunko Tuesday We've started a fun game. Bunko is a dice game that's easy to learn. If you can roll dice and count, then you can play. You change tables, so you will meet new people each round. We will play 12 rounds and there will be prizes for the most Bunkos and most wins. October 3 will be in the small meeting room. Sponsored by Gencare of Renton – The Lodge. Tues Oct 3, Nov 7, Dec 5 10:00–11:00am SMTG / A Bingo Thanks to Sylvester Cugini, who is funding this program in memory of his mother Emma, you can once again play bingo with us and win prize. A big thank you to our volunteers Gene Hill, Diana and Ron Duppenthaler. Thur Oct 5, Nov 2, Dec 7 1:00–3:00pm LMTG Thursday Afternoon Dance Thursday Af ternoon Dances are held every Thursday afternoon. No dance Oct 5. Bonnie Birch: Oct 19, Nov 2, 16, 30, Dec 7, 21 Bill Bennett: Oct 12, 26, Nov 9, Dec 14, 28 Thursday 1:00–3:00pm A $2 Seattle Banjo Club Come by and listen to music that you can no longer find on the radio. Join in and sing along to your old time favorites, Five Foot Two; Bill Bailey; California, Here I Come; and the Beer Barrel Polka! Enjoy the music and stay for lunch. Tues Oct 17, Nov 21, Dec 19 10am–12pm A Regional Reduced Fare Permit /ORCA If you are 65 years of older, you can pur- chase a Regional Reduced Fare Permit. If you want to update to the ORCA card, please bring your Regional Reduced Fare Permit. Tues Oct 17, Dec 19 11:00am–12:00pm SS $3 SPEAKER We Speak Medicare What is Original Medicare and are there other healthcare options? What do Medicare Parts A, B, C, & D mean? Is Original Medicare enough health coverage for me? How much will it cost? Cherilyn Sudangnoi, an indepen- dent agent for 10 years who specializes in Medicare will answer all your ques- tions. This is your chance to ask all the confusing questions you have. Please register by calling 425-430-6633. Tues Oct 17 12:30–1:30pm SMTG Fall Harvest Dance Fall is in the air, the stars are twinkling, and we are dancing at the Renton Senior Activity Center. Join us for a great eve- ning with dinner and dancing. Dinner will be provided by Lakeshore and we'll have a live band for the music. Don't miss out on this evening of fun. Dinner spon- sored by The Lakeshore Retirement home. Tickets are required and go on sale September 27. Friday Oct 20 4:30–7:00pm A $5 SPEAKER Taking Care of the Caregiver In the US there are many family members and friends who take care of chronically ill, disabled or aging family members or friends. Sometimes the caregiver forgets about themselves. They let their own health suffer. Patti Dalman, South Regional Manager of Full Life Care will be here to discuss ways to help you help yourself and others. Please register by calling 425-430-6633. Tues Oct 24 12:30–1:30pm SMTG

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